Handbrot – Der Laden

About Handbrot

Who we are

From 2005 on, we have been catering our stuffed breads for you at festivities and Christmas markets. Since 2008, you can also find us on the road at all kinds of festivals. “Do you have a store, too?” was a question we were asked frequently until, in August 2013, we finally opened up our cosy little store in the City of Leipzig.

What matters to us

We are firmly convinced of what we do and pleased about people enjoying our food. What matters to us is running a store you love to visit and we love to work in.
All of our dishes are the result of creative ideas: made up in our minds before they are freshly prepared for you in our kitchen. We use regional products and raw materials wherever possible and cooperate with local companies. Most of our packaging is biodegradable, take-away bread boxes are made from sugar cane fibre, salad bowls from corn starch. Power is sent to us by Greenpeace Energy.