Handbrotzeit — the store — Firmly convinced of what we do

Hand|brot, the

stuffed bread with a

bacon, egg & cheese filling

served daily until noon or prepared on order.

Breakfast with bacon, egg & cheese

Hand|brot, the

stuffed bread filled with

ham & cheese

served daily.

with ham & cheese

Hand|brot, the

stuffed bread with a

mushroom & cheese filling

served daily from 10:30 a.m.

with mushrooms & cheese

cake, the
|teau, the

Sweet pastries produced in-house, constantly alternating offer. Typical examples of our confectionery range are

– apple & rhubarb crumble
– cheese cake
– strawberry tart
– Black Forest gâteau

Cakes & gâteaux

ce|re|al, the

Cereal enriched with curd cheese and fresh fruit.

Cereal with curd cheese

sa|lad, the

Mostly cold dish composed of seasonal fruit and vegetables, topped with homemade vinaigrette, if desired.

On offer currently

– carrot salad refined with ginger, oranges, honey and olive oil
– bulgur salad refined with tomatoes, peppers, parsley, mint, lemon and a pinch of chili

Seasonal salads

POW|POW, the

Derived from the English word power, we use coffee beans from local coffee roasters Ganos to prepare our vitalising espresso. Powpow has a strong and rich flavour and is made from Ganos Extra, a blend of both Robusta and Arabica beans.



Hand|kaf|fee, the

Hot beverage made from coffee beans we purchase from local coffee roasters Ganos. Currently, we brew your Handkaffee using Guatemala Antigua, a fresh, aromatically-spicy highlands coffee with a mild aroma made from 100% Arabica beans.


Industrie|bier, the

refreshing, locally-brewed craft beer.


Lipz Schor|len, the

These organic lemonade spritzers taste fruity and tart at the same time and are produced in our central part of Germany. Lipz can be enjoyed in the varieties black currant, rhubarb und gooseberry.

Lipz Schorlen

Handbrot classics

  • Breakfast with bacon, egg & cheese more
  • with ham & cheese more
  • with mushrooms & cheese more

Further dishes

  • Cakes & gâteaux more
  • Cereal with curd cheese more
  • Seasonal salads more


  • Cappuccino
  • Chocolate by the spoonful
  • Espresso more
  • Handkaffee more
  • Industriebier more
  • Latte Macchiato
  • Lipz Schorlen more
  • Mate drinks
  • Rhubarb juice
  • Tea (various)
  • Water